Chapter 1

Journal Entry 1.

Morrison Nova sat with his back to the universe and his eyes surrounding us, and we never knew it. My name is Ivo Jago and I literally have followed the most powerful human being for the past three days. Affectionately we refer to this guy as just “Nova” but as I’m writing this I find my mind wandering past his name and into what he’s left for us. The few things that we’ve found are abstract recordings at best but as I move along I feel like they may all be very much connected. As a writer for the Herald, I spent more than my fair share covering bad guys and somehow this guy doesn’t fit their DNA. I mean when the ¬†cloud society came down from above and we all feared for our lives he fought right there those front line troops. Now I have to say, nobody knew of his powers during the time of the war but he was the only one to walk back from Indonesia without a scar to show for it. From what I’ve caught on my cell phone, the man can take down a full speeding Ducati, with one punch, in the same distance that Kobe Bryant can dunk a basketball on two feet. I guess I should organize my thoughts a little better and precipice my excitement with some context. The Herald has put me on a top level story to uncover the origins of Morrison Nova and during this time I am keeping a journal of my findings so that when I get back I can write everything down. Call this my OCD kicking in but I like to write as I talk for recall purposes. The first week of following Nova and this is god awful boring. He goes through the same rigamarole every day, almost like he’s trying to fit in. I posed as a health inspector in order to break into his apartment while he was away. The landlords in this town get pretty sketch about anyone with a clipboard and something that looks like credentials. The guy practically handed me the keys to the entire building. So right when I think I’m going to walk into a Bruce Wayne type of a batcave¬†with all sorts of tricked out monitors, I find nothing. Except for a table with this recording and a note that read:

“taKe thIS AnD lEave”

I’m currently deciphering this and the enclosed the recording is below.


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