Chapter 1: Late Praise

“What’s wrong Ash? You look like you’re ready to give up?”
“You’re drunk.”
“Nope. Haaaaa”
“You ass.”
“You are not going to drink me under the table Sheriff.”
“So tell me what happened last night.”
“Now YOU must be drunk, bartender two more.”
“You know ever since they bought the sky I can’t control the space over my own city. If someone robs you and has the means to fly away, then you are ass out Ash.”
“You seem so overly concerned with the town drunk this evening Sheriff. I ain’t got shit but these bottles, and headache listening to your shit.”
“Whatever, I’ll pick your tab up tonight. Get your ass home.”



Nothing is normal about today. Nothing is average about tomorrow. Ever since our world has “adapted” to the people in the sky, we’ve had to adjust our way of thinking. Watching all these fucking movies, I always thought that “aliens” would come from another planet or some shit. Nah. These fuckers were here the whole time. We thought those things floating in the sky were just clouds. Boy, we were wrong. Now it’s the wild west. Shit was fucked up already, but NOW?!? Oh, it’s ruined. Before, we had bombs and nuclear shit and man we really thought that we were untouchable. Yea, we dropped some bombs here and there, and terrorist shit happened, but nothing compares to what the cloud people did. Our law enforcement was killing people left and right already but the shit that happened in Year 2024 was only the beginning. The Internet, the “cloud”, yeah huh. The information age was our downfall. We put all our secrets in the cloud and then the cloud people used them to their advantage. Our children knew nothing but screens, and now they are stuck with them. Prisoners of the mind type shit. I’m here to tell you there is another way, one that I intend on finding just after I finish my drink. Ash Riser Out.

“I heard you last night.”
“I found an old iPhone, and I tapped into it, remember Beats 1?”
“Yea, Ebro huh.”
“Yea so I was able to find some wifi at an abandoned McDonalds. They probably will track me there, I left it on.”
“So you’re telling me this why?”
“Are you still drunk? I’m trying to support your cause in the wake of all that is happening, and you’re asking me why?”
“I’m sorry.”
“You’re just saying that now because I’m mad at you. Ash, they will find you and when they do they’ll find me.”
“They won’t get you. They don’t even know you’re gone.”
“I’m the Yawn’s oldest daughter, he’s going to notice I’m not home.”
“Home? HOME? You’ve been here hiding out for 3 years, and now you want to call the place that slowly trying to take over my home, HOME? I can’t deal with this shit now. I have three more broadcasts to send out today to rally people in Los Angeles before they try to take over completely, and you’re worried about your father. When he comes you won’t see him, you will only see his weapons and those don’t know the difference in royalty and slaves.”
“You’re wrong.”
“We’ll see.”
“They just want the moon. Their building a weapon on it now. I watched through the clear skies last night.”
“And once they are done with this weapon? They’ll use it, and who exactly do you think this weapon is pointed at.”
“You really think it’s pointed at you?”
“Don’t be condescending. It’s aimed at my people. They’ll be here soon, get your stuff we have to stay mobile while the skies are clear.”



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