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Reality is really just a dream that we do together. I’m paraphrasing from a great John Lennon quote but our first collection of stories is something I’m extremely proud of. About 3 years ago I created the Original Mattress Company as a means to cover slept on artists. I met several people along the way and some of them wrote on this site. Then I started writing in fiction and everything took shape. As a fan of all things fiction for years, I find great refuge in sitting down with a trade and reading about the most mind-bending characters and lands. Combining my love for fiction and music has taken me down this rabbit hole until I’ve finally found you. Every week I’m going to give you as many stories inspired by new music that I stumble across. Each week I’m going to either continue a chapter in a new story or start a new one. Every month you’ll get a print Issue with some special art and interviews, we’re working on our first printed edition now and it’s looking glorious. In our first digital collection, we have 10 stories based around new music that our team likes.

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  • I like seafood.
  • Watching ice melt. This is fun.
  • I’m thinking two circus clowns dancing. You?
  • This man is a knight in shining armor.

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