The Domain

Chapter 1: Perfect

The world, as you know it, exists only because you let it. Welcome to the Domain, your guide to everything ever dreamed of.

“Nah it was built by Earl Saint Clair in the Year of the Soul.”
“Man I’m telling you Earl was not from Earth.”
“He was not only from Earth he was from a city once known as Cleveland.”
“Yep, your great great grandfather fought in the last battle of Cleveland.”
“OKAY!? Son the Battle of Cleveland wasn’t just one of the most important battles in humanity-”
“-but one of the most important battles of our families h-i-s-t-o-r-y, yes Dad, you tell this every time we come to the Domain. Almost verbatim you tell me how our family was instrumental in winning back earth from the cloud people.”
“You forgot one thing though.”
“And that is?”
“Your great great grandmother Bourelly knew Earl Saint Clair.”
“You never told me that.”
“Well let’s head into The Domain and maybe if you can keep up in the Mobantu Mountains then I’ll tell you more.”
“Please, I beat you the last three times we raced through that part of The Domain.”
“Yea but I’ve since built something new into the surface.”
“Yep, the inhabitants were flooded out but they will adapt.”

The Domain Sector 2465

“You know Dad, it must have taken several years to construct such a system where you could create your own worlds and actually make real beings in them.”
“Actually your great grandmother Bourelly was there the day that Earl created the idea for the Domain.”
“He had this idea to illustrate our imperfections that maybe we should all be in control of another living creature.”
“Like a pet?, but they’ve always had-”
“Not really like a pet, when you control a world of living creatures how will present yourself to them? How will you show your power? It is much to be said about how a person treats power.”
“So we build these worlds and then what?”
“Nothing is perfect and these Domains can teach us the beauty that lies all around us. Before we head in to create more of our world together in the Domain I want to let you see something. This video was the last known video of Earl Saint Clair and Bibi Bourelly together speaking on the idea of perfection.”
“I’ve seen this.”
“No son, no you haven’t.”


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