Worry Less

NAI Headquarters 2023

“It doesn’t have to be like this”
“You tell me another option and I’ll do it.”
“The entire world is at your fingertips and you still just want her?”
“I mean she is the one!”


“That was great guys lets take a quick lunch and come back to this scene in a few. Ogden stay here for a second.”
“Can’t you just call me Nic like everyone else?”
“Last names are easier for me. You seem a bit off is everything alright?”
“Yea, Yea, we are still getting paid for this week right?”
“Of course, the studio said the checks will clear payroll in three days.”
“Can I get it a bit early Mike?”
“An Advance?”
“Hardly, it’s 2 days.”
“Oggie you’re pushing it.”
“Not a good one?”
“I’ll see what I can do Ogden.”


Hi there, I’m Nicandro Ogden, most of my friends call me Nic and others figure out what to call me eventually. I’d like to think my name would start with “multi-billionaire, famed-actor” but for the time being it’s more like “you-ain’t-shit motherfucker”. I came all the way out here to “make it” and the only thing I’ve made, up to this point, is a mess. My girlfriend dumped me and I’m stuck working a dollar store for minimum wage. Yet there are these few fleeting hours where I work at a studio. I hardly get sleep but when I do it’s amazing. For whatever reasons my dreams as of late have been really vivid, it’s almost scary. My life is pretty fucked up right now, I’m not gonna lie. In the end, I see myself as a superstar but right now let’s just say the marquee isn’t all finished. But back to my dreams, I’ve spoken to my friend Nakia and she says that I need to start keeping a journal of everything that happens. I guess. 


I’m falling until I’m not. The air is dark and thick around me like swamp water all of a sudden. In the distance, I see something. The more I swim the bigger these lights get. My sight is almost completely gone as I swim upon the warm shoreline. The air smells of bombs and as I go to wipe my face of the dark water a foggy silhouette hands me a pair of glasses. Hesitant at first I hold the glasses in front of my face. Vaguely I see clearly through the lens at a tall slender human figure with long flowing hair tied up into a ponytail. He calls himself Towkio and apparently I’m in Money. The land is called “Money”, no I’m serious. He hands me a helmet and suddenly everything gets incredibly clear. The beach is somehow luminescent from the water touching it but the land is all ruins with large dunes of dark ash everywhere. The helmet suddenly has information on everything. Towkio vanishes but this mission that I’m left to accomplish is quite amazing. I am to retrieve an information lure from the NAI Headquarters, and I’m too kill anyone that gets in my way.


“I know I said write this but sheesh, you’re living out the movie you’re making dear.”
“I know Nakia, every time I sleep I go back to this very vivid dream, and I pick up where I left off.”
“So if you’re going by the script then you know what’s going to happen? I don’t see the problem”
“I mean yea, but in the script, I’m merely a minor character.”
“But what if you weren’t?”
“Kia if I wasn’t a minor character I’d be getting way more money. I wouldn’t be living in a shit place and I might not be dreaming about this shit.”
“So you’re just dreaming of yourself as the main character, that is normal Nic. All of us want that notoriety.”
“But why so clear, why is it all happening like I just paused my movie when I wake up? Dreams happen sporadically right? Like bouncing between different things?”
“You’ll have to talk to someone with a degree for that shit Nic, I’ve got two more scenes than I’m going home. Not enough time to comprehend this right now.
“Yea Yea.”
“Honestly you should worry less, you’ll get to where you need to be, soon enough.”


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