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OG Mattress Premiere: Sweetz P. – Success

I first became aware of Sweetz P. when she impacted early last year with the Cardo produced “Trippy.” I immediately immersed myself into her impressive discography. I contacted her and she’s been involved in my various projects since then. I’m very much in favor of music that makes someone uncomfortable while it pushes social boundaries. On top of bars like ” I got your wife up all night/she play with her nose now I’m giving her this pipe/ & tell her fuck nigga he better pipe down/ Lord knows I’ll lay a nigga right down/” she has a great ear for beats, melody, & song construction. I don’t co-sign artists because of any of that political bullshit, I only champion those who’s music I actually like and listen too. That being said Sweetz P. is one of my favorite artists unsigned or not. This is the second release from Net Gains (view tracklist here) a project me and a few of my peoples are releasing this month, & maybe the strongest track. Not to take away anything from anyone else, but this shit’s ridiculous. Go ahead and press play and #dontsleep

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