To the untrained eye the clouds floating just above our heads are just clouds, but within these clouds is an entire world separated by zones. Within these zones exists an entire ecosystem of soundwave plants. Plants made entirely from the rising audible sounds from Earth. With Earth becoming increasingly more noisy the soundwave plants have become more lush. Hallway & IRV rotated these soundwave plants and created Sleep Vapors. Sleep Vapors give a much more meaningful and refreshing sleep to the user once injected into a nap pod. There is only one problem, Yawngolians. Under the leadership of Genghis Yawn the Cloud Zones were invaded and strict ban was put on Sleep Vapor. With a society full of slaves the Yawngolians have been able to keep the Cloud beings and their culture under strict control. Follow Hallway, IRV, and the entire OG Mattress crew as they fight to not only keep their business alive but also to get their people back from the unbridled carnage that their world has become.