Once upon a time there was a society that never slept. Every day, cloud beings went to work floating around the clouds deprived of the smallest amount of luxury that sleep could offer. Decisions were poorly executed and their products and standard of living suffered tremendously.

One day two sound farmers, Hallway and Irv, decided that in order for their people to make better decisions they would have to harness the incomparable sleep that many had gone without for years. Using an intricate system of filters Hallway developed a machine he called “The Rotation”. The Rotation would age soundwaves into a sleep inducing vapor that could then be placed into a nap pod giving the consumer a particular type of sleep. After several trials in the first year they knew they had something and because of this, they would open The Original Mattress Company

Ep.1: TALA’s Alchemy
Ep.2: Welcome to the 8th World.
Ep.3: King Midas Williams
Ep.4: The God’s Trap House
Ep.5: Money Makin Nique And the Impending Cold.
Ep.6: The Chill of Little Simz
Ep.7: The Kepler Gold Temple Above Everything
Ep.8: Erika Alexei & Our Friend Mohamed Haniff
Ep.9: You’ll Never See This Totem’s Countdown
Ep.10: The Ghosts of Professor Fox’s Farm
Ep.11: The Mystical Dave And Some Glass Animals
Ep.12: Niia’s Body of Work
Ep.13: Benny Cassette & The Bridges of Babylon
Ep.14: Trees Die Everyday
Ep.15: Black EL & The Journey To the Golden Sleep
Ep.16: Benjamin Booker’s Smokey Sleep
Ep.17: Caleb Stone Runs With the Dream Panther
Ep.18: The Genasis of Coco
Ep.19: The Reality of Thelo & Mac
Ep.20: The Dark Noise of the Lava King’s Basement
Ep.21: OG Maco and the Endless Sirens
Ep.22: The Lost City of Aminé
Ep.23: Jon Waltz and the Hope Cathedral
Ep.24: The Bullshit Free Land of Saba and the Book of Pivot
Ep.25: The Infinite Plains of Wonder and the Madson It Raised
Ep.26: The Almighty OG Brylan of the OGG People
Ep.27: The Rising Tide of the Thirst Sea
Ep.28: Beware of the Wild That Waits For You
Ep.29: The Spirit of the Domi
Ep.30: The Flying Fists And Kyle
Ep.31: Lashaun Ellis’ Silence
Ep.32: Bathing in the Lights
Ep.33: Eating Sushi At the Jukai Mausoleum
Ep.34: The Stone Cold Lantana of Cincinnati
Ep.35: Neon Pajamas Surfs Your Turfs
Ep.36: The Faceless Potions of Tunji Ige
Ep.37: The Shadowy Glow of MFn Melo
Ep.38: The Bass Hummingbirds of the Awful Fields
Ep.39: The Wind of Abel Gray
Ep.40: Rio’s Dark Ascent to Rule Bane
Ep.41: The Rising Tide of the Blind Princess and June Marieezy
Ep.42: The Soundwave Chateau of The Stand4rd
Ep.43: The Disappearing Red Cotton Map
Ep.44: Pell And The Third Coast Floating Estuaries
Ep.45: The Falling Paradise of Feral
Ep.46: Kevin Abstract and The Clans of Tomorrow
Ep.47: The Illustrious Key! and the Handpicked Wave
Ep.48: The Beautiful Wasteland of the WHOevers
Ep.49: The Moruf of The North
Ep.50: The SuperLit Caverns of Virginia
Ep.51: Eating Up North With Chef Redway
Ep.52: The Intergalactic Handpicked Wave of Key
Ep.53:The Eclipsing Moons of Joker
Ep.54: At Shabazz Palaces Eating Sandwiches
Ep.55: The Assassin Dylan Tran & His Messenger
Ep.56: The Illusive Cozz of LA
Ep.57: Aqualung & The City of Eggshell
Ep.58: Allan Kingdom Fights For His Own
Ep.59: The Brothers Slim of the Awful World
Ep.60: The Stolen Hearts of JID’s Dicaprio
Ep.61: JAPE’s Paintdrops
Ep.62: Zone 3’s Flying Savior
Ep.63: iNDEEDFACE Explores The Ancient Yawnasteries
Ep.64: The Space Age & Their Theories Are Alive And Well
Ep.65: Two Assassins Join Father of Awful
Ep.66: Sango & SPZRKT Gave Us One on the House.
Ep.67: The Incomparable YEP
Ep.68: The Almighty Sex Quest Chronicles of Caleb Stone & The Hair God
Ep.69: The Invisible Princess And Her Nxworries
Ep.70: A Mastodon, A Finesse God, And Some Sweet Soundwaves
Ep.71: Running Soundwaves From The Wild
Ep.72: MNEK The Mover of Planets
Ep.73: The Paper Cathedral Builder Tezo
Ep.74: The Pavement Paradise of King Kendrick’s TDE
Ep.75: The Long Winter And The Trials of the Money Makin Brotherhood
Ep.76: The Addictive Pineapple Wildwood of PIVOT
Ep.77: The Dissipating Darkness of Runengund
Ep.78: The Yawnhold of MFN Melo
Ep.79: The Love Soundwave Report From Freshgoods
Ep.80: The Rebirth of Blake Wolf
Ep.81: Our Journey Through OVO For The 6 God Brings 1Da
Ep.82: Ishmael Raps and the Nano Bots
Ep.83: Swoozing Soundwaves Across Your Face
Ep.84: Angel Haze And The Returned Fuck
Ep.85: A Missing OGG Shines Just Over the Horizon
Ep.86:  Joel Enters A New Realm
Ep.87: Supa Bwe Is Still Fighting Back
Ep.88: War Revisits The Land of the Young Potion King
Ep.89: Our First Tribunal Meeting With The Bipolar Sunshine
Ep.90: DP’s Difference
Ep.91: Riding the Currents With GoDreamer
Ep.92: Risen Above The Trees Is Something Waiting For You
Ep.93: The Death of a Good Man
Ep.94: A Villian With the Golden Touch
Ep.95: Lashaun Ellis’ Soundwaves & Surviving The Thin Air
Ep.96: Fuck These Lightning Strikes…Bruh: Elhae & The Solutions
Ep.97: Two Sleeping Volcanic Pillars of Virginia

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