Our 2nd Season of adventures is a complete overhaul of the headquarters. DJ Corey Grand became our shaman and introduced his teachings. We entered into worlds unknown as Genghis Yawn crept closer to our hideaway. Allies became enemies, and vice versa. Yeezy showed us his powers but ultimately produced something exquisite without directly touching it. Our world changed but Hallway and Irv found solace in the same.

Ep.1: Sunday Service Vol. 1: Corey Grand
Ep.2: Ducko McFli’s Crash
Ep.3: The Eternal Light From The Land of Yeezy
Ep.4: Hiko Momoji, Father, & Abra Create In the Black Wax
Ep.5: Luka$ G’s Underwater Lair
Ep.6: A Complex Scavenger Hunt Leading Far From Home
Ep.7: A Time For War & A Time To Celebrate All Over Your Bitch Ass
Ep.8: OG x Мишка Records – SeasickJetLag (OG Premix)
Ep.9: The Reclusive Healer of Tennesleep
Ep.10: The Space Station With the Glowing Plants
Ep.11: Raury’s Love Renaissance Makes It Our Shores
Ep.12: Flying Surprises In The Woods of Birmingham
Ep.13: An Immortal Assassin & His Payment
Ep.14: Many Faiyaz Died But One Remains
Ep.15: Money Makin Explosions
Ep.16: A Tale of A Dying Beast Warship
Ep.17: A World Restored To Glory
Ep.18: Sunday Service Vol. 2: Corey Grand
Ep.19: Collecting the Splattered Paint of the Universe
Ep.20: The Original Man Returns
Ep.21: Anderson Paak’s Illuminating Crops
Ep.22: The Revenge of An Entire Culture
Ep.23: Staring At Underwater Death
Ep.24: An Angel With Fur Balls of Death
Ep.25: EnterWild: King Supertramps Battles Alongside Frank Leone
Ep.26: The Khanfidence Peninsula’s Voice of Reason Returns
Ep.27: A First Time For Everything
Ep.28: The Land of Sweatshirt With Our Guide Hiro
Ep.29: Get Fucked: A Trip to Awful

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