The appearance of change comes in the form of bounty hunters. Butch Dawson and the RFU come through with breakaway harvests, all while Future continues his sub-aquatic dominance of the Purple Sea. We found a fucking castle in a comet and walked the shores of our imagination with a gold plated man. With all of this nothing holds a candle to our days within the gauntlet searching out Kendrick Lamar’s Hidden chambers.

Ep.1: Future’s Freeband Fortress of the Purple Sea
Ep.2: Butch Dawson: A Bounty Hunter In Need
Ep.3: A Shadow Cast Upon Your World
Ep.4: The Grave King Is Found
Ep.5: A Gold Plated Engineer Reinvents Himself In the Waves
Ep.6: The Moving of DANU
Ep.7: The Very First Liquid Metal Soundwave Plants
Ep.8: The Castle In the Mountain In the Comet
Ep.9: The RFU Redefine Their New World
Ep.10: The 16 Hidden Chambers of Kendrick Lamar

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