The vision only extends another season as does the arms of Genghis Yawn. Our leaders revisit promising lands only to find sneak attacks and booby traps. We introduce our Private Stock Collection and introduce ourself to the Hair God. A galactic armada finds its way to our shores and ultimately our hearts.

Ep.1: Blood Drenched Stems
Ep.2: The Metal Planet of Autograf
Ep.3: The C9 Galactic Armada Mount Up
Ep.4: A Warrior Turned Farmer
Ep.5: The Inventor Prince Does It Again
Ep.6: Sex Quest Meets C9
Ep.7: Implanted Destruction Revised
Ep.8: The Light Gems of the Everybody Peninsula
Ep.9: Flying Sparks and Seafood Sam
Ep.10: Tek.Lun Reshapes His Past
Ep.11: A Fateful Night with a Beast
Ep.12: Towkio’s Invisible Sun
Ep.13: Gloseph For OG Mattress Vol. 1

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